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Research and Education

Worldwide, myopia progression research has increased the understanding and available interventions for fast axial length growth leading to myopia progression. 

Further research is required to identify the best and safest way to intervene.

In 2022 I had the honour and pleasure to update Ophthalmologists in NSW in August and Australia-NZ in October at our RANZCO conferences, And optometrists at the day conference organised by Myopia Australia (MPIC) in September and the National Specsavers conference (SCC) in September!

2023 has not been quieter; recently, in June, MPIC 2023 was well received and attended. So far, talks on Myopia update to ophthalmologists at the alumni Melbourne conference, Syndromic Myopia to optometrists in Sydney as part of Zeiss MyoCare, presentation of a poster and a talk in September Vienna WSPOS is organised, and an update at RANZCO 2023 in Western Australia is scheduled for October. 

Children's Eye Exam


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Myopia: What I can do article

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Mivision myopia article 2021

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Mivision myopia article 2019

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Why it is time to change how myopia is managed

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Video: UV light and myopia

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